In the group of works GENESIS I create fictitious living beings and undertake a balancing act between reality and utopia (e.g. I use the shape of a radiolarian animal as the basis for a sculpture that towers far above the human body and becomes an equal counterpart. Through this exaggeration I pay great respect to simple living beings and make them visible for everyone).

I use materials that are rarely used in sculpture and combine natural materials such as bamboo with industrially manufactured products.

In various sculptures I work with copper wire, which symbolizes the continuous change underlying everything organic: the metal wool oxidizes. I consciously engage with the unpredictable chemical reactions of this material and integrate these imponderables into the artistic process as natural conditions. 

Coming across as a warm material, bamboo shapes an extraordinary structure and a strong contrast to the high-gloss copper. The sculptures thereby gain something essential and become objects that to a certain extent have a life of their own. Through their 


permeable surface, they invite the viewer to constantly change perspectives.